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NOW OFFERING: Training Table - Nutrition Workshop

Training Table - Eating for Optimal Performance

We're so excited to announce our first Training Table meeting! 

Next date/time TBA. 

Small group setting nutrition workshop designed for athletes and non-athletes. Presentation content includes basic nutritional information and principles along with more specific sports nutrition as well. Duration is 60-75 minutes, and includes time for question and answer at the end. Cost is $25 per athlete, parents are strongly encouraged to join their child and are included in the price. 


Nutritional Services

Madison R. Zeitz, B.S. General Dietetics

Madison completed her undergraduate work at Eastern Kentucky University obtaining a B.S. in general dietetics. She was a 5-year, 3 sport athlete with the Lady Colonels Cross Country, indoor, and outdoor track programs under the OVC and NCAA famous coach, Rick Erdmann. Madison is a newly appointed Dietetic Intern for Daemen College pursuing her RD/CDN credential. 


Nutritional Approach

No one is created from a mold, so the way you nourish your body shouldn’t be either, especially as an athlete. With my experience as an up and coming dietetic practitioner and my experience as a D1 athlete, I understand how body response is driven by the way we eat, along with the outside pressures to perform at a high level.  Eating style shouldn’t be a hindering factor to get you to your next goal, it should be a catalyst.  Additionally, my approach is not just to set you up for athletic success, but life long success as well. This happens through sound, safe, and healthy guidance where the athlete and person always comes first. 

Nutritional Kick Starter Includes Two Visits

Visit One:

The first consult is with Madison, in person. It lasts around an hour and involves talking about the client's understanding of nutrition, goals, schedule, food preferences, and if there are any dietary restrictions. With all of the info- you'll receive a personalized nutrition guide, preferred recipes for meals and organizational tools for meals, along with Madison's contact information to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Visit Two:

Second visit takes place typically 4 weeks after the first visit, and can happen in person or over FaceTime / other type of video chat. The duration is around 30 minutes and will touch on everything from the initial consult going into the progression of your 4 weeks with your first nutrition guide. Adjustments can be made to anything that is needed. Upon completion of the second visit a second nutrition guide will be given to the client. 

Further Options

After the second nutrition guide if further nutritional services are wanted, the client and Madison can evaluate and decide if further services are needed. If so, one-on-one consulting with the client's goals and overall health can be provided. 

Contact Madison!

Madison would be happy to answer any further questions or set up a meeting upon purchase of the Nutritional Kick Starter. 

Email: madison@dinardosports.com